Amethyst Order

Not just the largest merchant guild in all of Agemonia, The Amethyst Order is also a bank, a mercenary corporation and a trading emporium. Originally it was a guild of gemcutters led by one Grand Magister Haclar who was tasked by the Council of Eight to supervise the trade of agura crystals. The Amethyst Order has since grown vastly bigger and superseded the Council of Eight as the supreme economic actor in all Agemonia.

Nowadays its biggest competitors and sometimes collaborators are the richest noble houses and the korallian corporations. But none rival the Amethyst Order for the sheer scale of their operations or their reach into the farthest corners of the world.

The company has been ruled by Grand Magister Haclar for hundreds of years, or so the stories tell. How that is possible, is hard to say. Has his life been artificially lengthened? Has the title passed from father to son for generations? Does this person even exist? Only the top magisters of the Amethyst Order would know for sure. Perhaps including the ignisaur Hemet One-Flame, the Regional Magister of Runedale, whose office is in Cadfael Fortress.

The formerly independent city state of Copperton has become the capital of Amethyst Order where the order runs the whole city. Some rulers see this as a troubling sign, but it has not stopped the grey and purple robed merchants or ruby robed magisters from spreading their operations even further. They cut down Pattangan forests for timber, they mint their own coins in Benem, control most trade with the far-off Megeian Empire, and even operate their own private armies here and there.


Cult of the Fifth Eye

What started a few decades ago as a small spiritual movement in some Benemite towns, has become a new, rapidly growing religion. The Cult of the Fifth Eye venerates what they call "the mysteries of the past", meaning the objects, devices and inscriptions left behind by the Ancients.

Ever since the machines started powering up, people have started looking for answers to questions they never knew existed. Some old pagan temples have been converted into Churches of the Fifth Eye, and new buildings are being constructed all over Agemonia to accommodate the ever-growing amount of worshippers.

The cult meetings offer healing, choral music, strong moral teachings, and a sense of community and purpose.


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