These telepathic beetles are somehow connected to the fungal infestation plaguing Agemonia. They seem like an intelligent species working to achieve some greater purpose. What that purpose might be remains unknown.

Venorian skitterers are psionically connected to their Hive Mother acting as her eyes and ears, hands and legs. They live underground in vast caverns, which they protect with webs and poisonous mandibles, preying on large beasts.

Possessing some intellect, they have formed an alliance with the Benemite noble house of Wrathclaw from Durgane province. The creatures harvest the fungi for pieces of Blood Crystals that Wrathclaw witches can use to enhance their dark magics. In exchange, the venorians are left to roam free in Durgane.

This has caused the local fungal forest to spread so chaotically that even the streets of the province capital, Waneford, grow poisonous purple mushrooms.

Arcane Golem

Agemonia is littered with the remnants of the devices created by the race of Ancients that left the world long ago. Among the strangest are the automatons commonly known as arcane golems.

They are indestructible being which seem to execute complex inner guidelines, often repeating sadly obsolete tasks in places long forgotten.

Perhaps one could change these instructions with the right kind of magic? Could they be stopped? Could they be controlled? Could they still be used as workers or as soldiers? If they have some kind of soul, should they be liberated?



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