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Agemonia is a rich world of high fantasy and unforgettable adventures. The world is in turmoil, Republic of Benem is on the brink of civil war and strange ancient devices are powering up for obscure reasons. Many factions, some public and some covert, have a stake in the outcome of all these changes.

It is up to you, a motley band of unlikely heroes, to make a real difference. You can save Agemonia or be the harbingers of its destruction. You must navigate a network of powerful guilds, religious cults and shadowy organizations. You encounter marvelous locations, dreadful monsters, and puzzling riddles. And above all, you live through your personal stories where you face your inner demons and complex moral choices.

Agemonia is a fully co-operative board game, set in an expansive campaign for 1-4 players with over thirty unique scenarios with evolving maps. Agemonia features four player characters with solo adventures, over forty monsters, miniatures, a companion app, and much, much more.


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